HO3 values the relationships that we have with all of our customers alike. We constantly strive to provide the level of service and support that is expected of an industry leader.

Our helpful service team will attempt to correct any minor issues that might be causing the product failure. If the technical service and support representative is unable to resolve the issue, product replacement/price deduction are provided to the customer.

HO3  Warranty

What is Covered

We provide one-year warranty on all HO3 screen for iPhone (6-Xs Max).

The initial judgment of the returned HO3 LCD is based on whether it is installed or not. HO3 warrants all uninstalled LCD with no physical damage.

HO3 will provide you a summary of the testing results. We ask that you review these results and send us your acknowledgement. Usually this process is completed within 2 weeks of receiving your screens.

We can issue product exchange, price refund or price deduction for the returned HO3 LCD after it is tested.

Installed HO3 LCD with minimal signs of wear including slight scratches enjoys warranty, except for:

  • Broken LCD
  • Water damage
  • Obvious physical damage


How Long Coverage Lasts

Warranty lasts for one year of the HO3 screen for iPhone 6-Xs Max. Warranty coverage ends when the product becomes unusable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material.

How to Obtain Service

For warranty evaluation, your product must be returned directly to the HO3 Warranty Department with a Warranty Return Form. All shipping to Warranty must be pre-paid and insured. The HO3 will not be liable for lost in-bound packages.

What is Not Covered

Failures due to misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear not covered by this warranty. HO3 shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.

Defects in Materials or Workmanship

It is our experience that a product that fails prematurely due to a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, will generally do so very early in the products lie cycle, often the first or second time the product is used. When returned for inspection, these products are generally found to still be in like new condition and show very little signs of use. It is uncommon for a product that was manufactured with a defect, to survive under normal use for any extended period of time. Products that are returned for warranty inspection after months or years of continuous reliable service are rarely found to be defective. The most common demand for service is the result of normal wear and tear issues, which are not considered to be a defect in materials or workmanship.

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