Featured Researchers

We believe that intellectual capital is critical to providing innovative solutions

Over 7 years, we have been fortunate to attract some of the most talented professionals in our industry, and get an excellent R&D team with tacit understanding. Over 5% of them are graduated as a Doctor and more 17% are graduated as a Master of the electronic or relevant realm.

Brief Introduction of Some of the Groundbreaking Researchers

Chief R&D President

Areas of Expertise: Digital Field

Senior IC design engineer, engaged in digital circuit design and management, and familiar with market and product definitions and company operations with over 20 years experiences.

Senior Technical Director

Areas of Expertise:  Integrated circuit layout design, R&D management and production operation management. Leads the IC R&D project management and production operation

Senior Analog IC Design Director

Areas of Expertise: Analog Design

Familiar to analog design, have great experience in analog design. Understand the parameters for analog IP, such as SNR, Distortion, etc.

Senior Digital IC Director

Areas of Expertise: Digital IC Design

Ding is responsible for LCD, LED, AMOLED screen display driver chip design

Senior Software Director

Areas of Expertise: LED large-screen display control system and capacitive touch chip firmware development

Take charge of the LED research and development


Hubs and Facilities

– Employee: over 80 R&D personnel, 300 production employees.

– Environment: 3,000 square meters of class-1000 clean room and multiple automatic production lines for LCM terminals.

– Capacity: The workshop is capable of 3.5″ ~ 7.0″ liquid crystal display screen production.

3.5″ per hour capacity of 750pcs / h, 4.0″ per hour capacity of 750pcs / h, 4.7″ per hour capacity of 650pcs / h, 5.5″ per hour capacity of 600pcs / h.


Breadth & Depth

At HO3 R&D, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and possibility is our joyful obsession, and we celebrate fundamental discoveries and practical applications alike. Our R&D team boasts in human interface solution designed to optimize the user experiences in mobile post sales application, home automation and artificial intelligence. Our R&D is especially targeting the following areas for increased focus, growth, and expertise.

Driver IC

Creating excellent driver IC solution that applied in LCD, LED and AMOLED.


Leading cost-efficient human interface SoC solution for smart home.

ARM Architecture Validation

Seeking definition and validation of ARM firmware & ARM core.

AI Application

Pioneering innovation that empowers voice interaction and intelligent recognition.

Display/Mater Control Integration

Working to better automotive display control


Driving LED development forward, seeking deeper understanding of future LED, as Micro-LED.

We have invested a lot in Micro LED IC development since 2017. Apple has transferred their Micro LED Research Team to Taiwan China, and bought a TFT production factory from Qualcomm there. Now the factory is focused on developing Micro LED. We believe that Micro LED will be used widely in electronics as the next generation of display material.


R&D Strategy

Advanced Technology Exceeds Expectation

HO3 R&D was formed to reinforce our commitment to advancing the competitiveness of our mobile aftersales solution roadmap. Our goal is to reduce power, improve performance and increase the capability of our products to enable better mobile aftersales applications. The team engages and collaborates closely with various organizations in research programs.


We are actively conducting research to identify new future growth areas for the company, creating new value to improve user experience. Built on innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence, we push the envelope of what’s possible in mobile aftersales technologies, passionately advancing research, prototyping, and standardization within our industry.

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