HO3 ALS Support Box for iPhone 8/8P/X


**** Risk Reminder: According to some information from the market, Apple may able to solve the problem when they launch iOS 12 version. But it has not been confirmed yet. For now this box is the best solution for ALS problem. There is a risk the box may become unnecessary after Apple’s new iOS can solve the problem. We will not offer return or refund for the box by then. Please be aware!


The ALS Support Box is to accompany the HO3 LCD screen for iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X, which assures its functionality to automatically adjust brightness by data transforming. This box also can be used for the same purpose to iPhone 8/8Plus and iPhone X OEM and Original LCDs.

User Guide

1. Connect the Power Connect the included USB-C cable to the device, and then plug the other end into a power outlet.

2. Plug the Green Board into the Box Insert the green circuit board fully into the data inlet on the Box.

3. Prepare the Transfer Connect the Original iPhone 8 plus screen flex cable with the green board printed “ORG”

Connect the new HO3 screen flex cable with the other side of the green board.

4. Successful Transfer Press the blue button, wait until the data transfer complete when the status light turns blue. No more light-sensor malfunction!