HO3 – The Facts

HO3 screens are designed, tested and manufactured to our uncompromising standards for quality, fit and durability. Each LCD is engineered specifically for your phone to contribute to optimum performance and to help maximize its lifespan

3D In-cell Touch Technology

3D In-cell Touch reduces the thickness of the display panel by integrating the LCD, the touch screen layer and the 3D capacitive sensor layer into a single unit.

Quality Control

HO3 leads the highest level of quality control before delivery into the market. All products are quality tested to ensure meeting or exceeding customers’ expectation.

Integrated Driver Controller IC (IDC)

Different from traditional multi-chip solution, HO3 LCD requires only one integrated driver controller IC to drive display, touch and 3D touch functions.

Lifetime Warranty

All HO3 screens are covered by 100% lifetime warranty. You are backed up as long as you own it.

Technology Description

3D In-cell Touch Technology

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch technology combines the liquid crystal, touch sensing elements and 3D touch capacitive sensors into a single structure. As a result, it reduces the thickness and weight, featuring an excellent display.
*3D Touch is a more sensitive version of Force Touch developed and introduced by Apple Inc. in 2015 and has been utilized in iPhone 6S and later models.

TDDI IC Technology

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD requires only one Touch Display Driver Integrated (TDDI) IC to perform display, touch and 3D touch functions simultaneously, enhancing power efficiency, brightness, color and contrast

HO3 LCD Structure


To Be Excellent

The HO3 LCD screen has been thoughtfully designed and constructed from superior quality materials. SHARP LCD solution equipped with
superior circuitry and components delivers premium product quality. Coupled with rigorous testing procedures, ensuring HO3 LCD
outperforms standard screens.

Part Name Component
Glass Substrate SHARP
Liquid Crystal Cell SHARP
OCA Mitsubishi OCA
Frame Adhesive PUR Adhesive
IC TDDIIC with Voltage Ragulator
Backlight Backlight with BEF & ESR
HO3 LCD Features & Benefits


Outstanding Display

A more concrete display structure increases the brightness and color reproduction of the display, and thanks to the SHARP LCD and enhanced backlight (BEF+ESR), HO3 screen yields remarkably bright and high-contrast picture.

Superb Touch Experience

HO3 LCD for iPhone applies efficient voltage regulator IC. Every move by fingers is received and accurately react by the LCD, bringing stable and reliable user experience.

High Energy Efficiency

Without a shield from a discrete touch module, reduce the reflection and refraction.
HO3 screens are more penetrating and energy efficient.

Fully Visible Through Sunglasses

You never really stop using your phone. That’s why HO3 is engineered to be readable through your polarized sunglasses at any angles.

HO3 Authenticity

HO3 Logo Packaging

IC Controller

(HO3 LCD has a distinct IC controller and flexible circuits compared with CMR LCD)

Printed Information

(HO3™ LOGO on flex cable and metal plate, furthermore, through the serial numbers on both backlight and flex cable.)

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