In order to provide a quick and efficient response to your RMA request, we kindly ask that you use e-mail for the RMA requests

RMA Process

Step 1. Please contact HO3 sales representative or customer service to request the RMA form. Customer service can be reached at between 9am to 5pm, UTC+8, Monday-Friday.

Step 2. To obtain an RMA, please complete and submit the RMA Request Form to our sales representative or customer service

Step 3. Upon receipt of your RMA request, HO3 will validate the Warranty status of the products based on the serial numbers provided and, in its discretion, issue an RMA number. A HO3 Technical Support Engineer may contact you to troubleshoot the problem prior to the issuance of an RMA.

Step 4. After you have received an RMA number from HO3 you are responsible to return the products to HO3’s designated facility. The products must be properly packaged to prevent damage while in transit. If available the original product packaging should be used for the return shipment. Please indicate the RMA Number on the outside of each package returned and on the packaging list.

Step 5. HO3 will send out a detailed Test Report within 5 days from the receipt of the returned products at HO3 designated facility.

Step 6. For the defect products, HO3 will ship the replacement products to you freight pre-paid by HO3. If the returned products after examination are determined by HO3 to be damaged while in transit or due to improper use or installation, we will return or abandon them.


a. Users are responsible for all the shipping costs for sending the defective product(s) back to HO3 (Please include proper protection against shipping damages and/or risk of loss)

b. Users must properly pack the defective product before sent back to HO3 in order to avoid damage during shipping.

c. User must indicate the “RMA Number” on the package to ensure package will be accepted.

d. If the user was unable to indicate the RMA number on the Package, HO3 will reject such shipment.

e. Users must select a shipping company that can provide proof of delivery (such as home delivery, express mail or registered mail). HO3 will not be responsible for any product losing during shipping unless there is proof that the product was lost after received by HO3.

f. If the product received for warranty services is NOT matching RMA application information, the unit will be returned user at the user’s expenses.

g. Warranty will be voided if the products were damaged due to improper use, improper operating environment, wear and tear, non-natural or man-made damages.

h. Warranty will be voided if the services center determines that the product is NOT a HO3 product.

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