The HO3 Commitment

It all starts with an understanding of your world.
We know deeply the challenges you face every day – the complicated market swarmed with price gaps and quality differences, with all the information and ever-expanding platforms, it’s easy to get lost in complexity.

In a world that is increasing complex, HO3 is on a quest for easy. We are creating game changing aftersales solution that is affordable, reliable and stable.
For us, reducing costs and establishing smarter solutions are not just goals, but critical steps to fulfill our ambition – to meet the changing needs of customer, break unlikely ground in quality and lead a prosperous future.

A Merry Coincidence

Satellite HO3 (469219) was discovered in 2016. It is later known as the smallest, closest and most stable quasi-satellite of Earth.
HO3 screen has been developed at the same time. Like a satellite, we are customer-focused and devoted to providing the best aftersales solution in the industry with stability, never compromise.

What Fuels Us

Research & Development

HO3 was designed and supported by top research hubs and state-of-the-art facilities – we arrive at solutions that are designed to overcome real-world obstacles to delivering better user experience.

50+ Patents

HO3 R&D team is especially targeting in display solution.

5%+ members are PHD,

maximizing the technical support to all HO3 customers

Capacity and Facility

4 Automatic Production Lines
– Same as Original Standard

HO3 state-of-the-art equipment and facilities stabilize quality performance of each batch.

4.7″ daily capacity of 60K  /  5.5″ daily capacity of 55K

Quality Assurance

HO3 screens are extensively tested, retested, and then tested again. Innovation is our legacy, and quality is our priority.

Industry Top Quality Standard
Wipeout Customer Complaints

From raw materials to delivery, over 10 testing processes secure every HO3 screen you received.

About Master Science and Tech Limited

In 2016, Master Science and Tech Limited was founded in Hong Kong, with the mission to identify new future growth and enable our customers to capture the full value of science and technology.

Our strategy builds on technology leadership, product-led solutions and global scale and skill. Built on innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence, the company is comprised of leading brand of HO3 Screen.

Our comprehensive portfolio ranges across display technologies, IC solutions (applied in LCD, LED, AMOLED), and next generation material – micro LED.

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