Agent Benefits

Benefits & Rewards of Becoming an Official HO3 Distributor

As well as providing a range of exclusive services and excellent products, the world of HO3 makes distributing and selling carefree and easy.As a dealer, insurer, wholesaler or consultant involved in the iPhone aftersales industry, you could be free to enjoy all the benefits of being an official HO3 distributor. According to your partnership level, we will give you exclusive support, training, technical and marketing information, help with customer lead generation and give you access to exclusive events and promotions. So, there’s nothing to hold you back as you look for new customers and ways to increase your business.

Best Price Guarantee

To be our distributor for a better deal. If you become a distributor with us, you deserve the very best deal, which is exactly what you’ll get with our Best Price Guarantee. Our price guarantee is to offer competitive prices. If you are our distributor, but find a qualifying HO3 products for lower price elsewhere on the same period as you purchase, we’ll happily give you a voucher for the difference.stributor, but find a qualifying HO3 products for lower price elsewhere on the same period as you purchase, we’ll happily give you a voucher for the difference.

We’ll Send New Customers Your Way

We receive a large number of end-user leads, requesting a solution or a specific product, which we can pass onto you. On top of that, many potential customers arrive at our webpage every day, all searching for authorized dealer. So, having your name on our “where to buy” pages opens up extra opportunities for you to increase sales.

Increase in Sales

As our distributor takes advantage of reduced product costs, you are able to become more competitive in your market. Naturally, this yields an increase in sales for your company.

Exclusive Distribution

We give the distributor the exclusive right to sell the product in the territory covered by the distribution agreement. HO3 will be prevented from selling the goods in the relevant area either on its own account or through agents or other distributors.

Shorter Lead Times

By manufacturing and maintaining an inventory of standard products in advance, we are able to send them out as soon as our distributor needs them. With managed inventory, distributors no longer need to wait for their parts to be manufactured for every order, greatly reducing turnaround time.

Extensive Marketing Support

Our complete portfolio of marketing, advertising and public relations tools provides our agents with maximum visibility. Postcards, brochures, flyers, newsletters and listing presentation materials are available for quick and easy utilization.

Custom Packaging for Drop Ships

If a distributor wants the parts shipped directly to their customer, HO3 will offer to drop ship the order in custom packaging to conceal the source of the products. We will protect the distributor’s customer base, while further reducing lead times.


HO3 Lifetime Warranty reflects our confidence in the high quality of our design, engineering, production and product performance. HO3 branded screens delivers brighter, better picture quality and lower power consumption, however, there’s added peace of mind with the HO3 Lifetime Warranty. Should you screen ever malfunction from defects in workmanship or materials, we will replace the screen free of charge. For more information visit:

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